Previous Year 500,003,010
Succeeding Year 10 E 50
"In fact, all life is extinct."
Professor Farnsworth
"(tired chuckle)"
"Oh, it's no use. Earth is dead. This is the end of all things."
Professor Farnsworth

1,000,000,000 is a year in which Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth , Bender Bending Rodriguez and Philip J. Fry I went to via the professor's Forwards Time Machine. The Earth is finally a vast empty desert in that year.


  • End of all known life on the Earth.

Minor Speculation Edit

While the Professors scanning device tells him that no life signs remain on or even possibly within the Earth as well, that may not truly mean that any or all forms of life had truly died on Earth. Since space travel and colonization were already possible in the 31st Century any remnants of either Humanity or evolved animal life may have simply moved to another more habitable planet(s) and had taken all the animals/plants/material goods/usable resources with them.

However the Forwards Time Machine does not appear to be a machine that can travel through space (even though it is depicted as passing by Berlin), meaning that without any resources the Professor cannot possibly leave Earth to search for another civilisation that has invented backwards time travel, or even another civilisation to settle down in.