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1999 is the final year of the 1990s. It is the year, where the story of Futurama begins. On the night of December 31st, Fry fell into a cryogenic freezer at the turn of the millennium and was frozen for 1000 years and got defrosted on December 31st, 2999.


  • Philip J. Fry I spills beer, disrupting the series finale of Single Female Lawyer, eventually leading to the First Omicronian Invasion of Earth in the year 3000.[1]
  • Fry's bank account is left with a balance of 93 cents which, after one thousand years of gathering interest, becomes $4.3 billion.[2]
  • Nibbler is assigned to planet Vergon 6.[3]
  • December 31
    • Fry is sent on a fake pizza delivery to I. C. Wiener at Applied Cryogenics.[4]
    • In an alternative universe Leela and Bender travel back in time interrupting Fry at Applied Cryogenics. They inform him that his story helps save the future Bender proves himself as the good one and Leela transforms into a Bendernator and Fry and Bender try to reach a time portal above Times Square. The Bendernator alerts the authorities to Fry's "kidnapping". Fry and Bender are on "the ball" but can't reach the portal, Fry goes to the authorities and Bender self destructs.[5]

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