2000 is the first year of the 3rd millennium. At the turn of the millennium, Fry was cryogenically frozen for 1000 years and was not defrosted until 2999.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • The City of New York quietly dispatches its massive garbage supply out to sea.[1]
  • January 1
    • Seconds into the new year, Philip J. Fry is cryogenically frozen[2] due to the actions of Nibbler and his future self.[3]
    • In an alternative scenario Fry bumps his head on the cryogenics tube instead of freezing himself, causing a rip in space-time. The Vice Presidential Action Rangers abduct Fry and inform him that if he does not return to the cryo-tube, the universe will be destroyed. Fry does not return to the cryo-tube, and the universe is destroyed. Fry and the Vice Presidential Action Rangers are floating around outside the universe, they start a game of Dungeons & Dragons.[4]
    • Using a time code tattooed on his ass, Fry returns from the year 3007 back to New York and lives in the upstairs storage room of Panucci's Pizza. Bender also travels back in time to kill Fry but loses him.[5]
    • Seymour sees Fry frozen in a cryogenics tube.[6]
    • A Bender from "way at the end" comes to put the code on Fry's butt in the first place.[5]
  • January 2 - Seymour waits for Fry outside Panucci's Pizza.[6]
  • November 8 - Bender attempts to kill someone with the same name as Fry. All of Al Gore's votes are destroyed after Bender accidentally shoots them causing George W. Bush to win the election.[5]

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