3007 is a year in which Futurama is set. It is a common year starting on Thursday.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • The Plаnet Express crew are informed that the BOX network, a parody of FOX, canceled their contract two years ago.
  • Hermes is decapitated and his head is put into a jar because of a dangerous limbo game.
  • Leela meets Lars Fillmore, falls in love, and gets engaged.
  • Nudist Alien Scammers take over Planet Express and Earth.
  • Bender travels back in time to 1351 BCE, 1509 CE, 2308 CE and other eras, stealing treasures and bringing them to the 31st century, Because he has a virus in his program.
  • At Leela and Lars' wedding, Lars realizes he is a time-duplicate and thereby doomed. He calls off the wedding.
  • The Planet Express crew, scammed out of all their money, moves to Neptune.
  • Leela organizes an invasion squad to take back Earth.
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