"31st Century Fox" is the eleventh episode of production season seven and broadcast season 9.

Plot Edit

After the crew goes shopping for new uniforms, Bender decides that he will take up fox hunting. Leela then leads a protest against this, since she didn't like the prospect of having an innocent animal killed for sport. She later finds the fox to be a robot. An outraged Bender begins protesting against robot abuse. Leela, however, is fine with the hunters' actions. Bender then proceeds to stop all robot abuse within a 20-mile area. Funnily, he doesn't actually make much progress. Fry asks if Bender is satisfied with their work, but Bender decides he has one more abuse to prevent. He then decides to stop the next hunt by letting the new robot fox loose. When the hunters find the cage, they only find an angry Bender. Since they have no fox to hunt, they decide to hunt Bender. Even though Bender had a 30-minute head start, he couldn't decide which path to take. The hunters then give him another 30 minutes. This time Bender takes advantage of it. He comes across the robot fox, which bites his finger off. He is later shown to have set up a trap in that time for the hunters. He grabs the hunter's gun, but it is implied he can't shoot him without his trigger finger, although he could probably find a way to pull it without it. Fry then gives him his finger back, yet Bender still says he can't shoot the hunter. He unwisely hands the hunter his gun back. Just before the hunter shot Bender, the robot fox attacked the hunter. The hunter ironically was a robot all along. While Bender stated that a robot hunting another robot is okay, Leela could not decide whether this was right or wrong. Later, Leela concurred that it was alright with her.

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