• Captain Muskie's introduction music is a musical cue from the original Star Trek television series. His appearance and chair are based on that of Christopher Pike from the Star Trek episodes "The Menagerie" parts I and II.
  • The city scene in the initial seconds of film on Farnsworth life shows a billboard "Slurm, Medicinal Tonic". This is likely a parody of the popular soft-drink Coca-cola, which had its origins as a medicinal remedy.
  • The birthplace of Farnsworth is mentioned as "Hell's Laboratory", likened to Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York.
  • During the escape from the Near Death Star, the Bullet Time camera technique, which was heavily incorporated into the The Matrix movies, is used to pan around Planet Express ship for a climactic conclusion, as well as referencing the ship's unique engines.
  • The Near Death Star and the crew's escape from it are both references to Star Wars. The way the old people are treated, and later further explained by the Professor is in reference to the virtual world in The Matrix.
  • Dr. Zoidberg remarks that he had once appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, as revealed in Anthology of Interest I.
  • Zoidberg makes a reference to Ringo Starr in one of his jokes.
  • It is revealed that the Planet Express ship moves in a manner similar to that described in the Warp Drives in the Star Trek series.
  • When Leela tries to smell the Professor, she smells "BendGay", a reference to Bengay which was also used by Bender in "Bendless Love."
  • During the summary of Farnsworth's time video, there is a picture of the professor with the note Dungeon Master and a wand.
  • The Sunset Squad Robot that comes for Farnsworth is a parody of the Grim Reaper.
  • The professor's gesture at the end of his holographic farewell is similar to Princess Leia's gesture at the end of her holographic message in Star Wars.
  • Cubert Farnsworth's name may be a reference to the video game character Q*Bert, as well as the fact that he is the "next generation" of Hubert, i.e. Hubert cubed.
  • The Professor's farewell to various objects in his room before being hauled off by the Sunset Squad appears to be a reference to the classic children's book Goodnight Moon.


  • In this episode it is revealed that Professor Farnsworth is 160 years old.
  • This is the first time the Professor actually admits to "good news" being bad news. "Good news everyone! The University is bringing me up on disciplinary charges! Wait. That's not good news at all!" This is also the first time he says "Bad news everyone!"
  • The unfinished time machine shown in this episode is later finished in "The Late Philip J. Fry"