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Okay, my friends, get ready for the most delicious extinct animal you've ever tasted.


"A Fishful of Dollars" is the sixth episode of production and the sixth broadcast episode of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on April 25, 1999. This episode also introduces Mom who wants to try and steal the anchovies Fry tries to buy, for her own purposes. It also introduces Walt, Larry and Igner: Mom's sons who are also very incompetent henchmen to their evil mother.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


A Fishful of Dollars (Main Episode) - 8

The class laughing at Fry.

Fry has a dream where he enters an Ancient Egyptian Algebra class. After he realizes it's a nightmare, the teacher points that all Fry's wearing is underwear. He gasps and the class is laughs at him. This dream probably happened because Fry only sleeps in underwear. Then he gets a Lightspeed Briefs commercial in his dream and wakes up and immediately falls asleep.

After having their dreams taken over by advertisements, the Planet Express crew takes a trip to the local shopping mall. Trying to buy the product from his dreams, a pair of underpants, Fry realizes he is broke. At the same time, Bender is caught shoplifting and is sent to jail. Unable to pay the bail, Fry remembers he had a bank account back in thе twentieth century. He remembers his PIN number and casually mentions the fact that the PIN number was similar to the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda at the pizza restaurant he worked at before he was frozen. Surprisingly, his old bank account is still active and has been accruing interest for the past thousand years, bringing the balance from 93 cents to $4.3 billion dollars. Fry goes on a massive spending spree. He buys numerous 20th century artifacts, such as Ted Danson's skeleton, an antique Robot toy for Bender, as well as the last known tin of now-extinct anchovies, which were fished to extinction shortly after the Decapodian people arrived on Earth. Zoidberg breaks down crying, "We kept saying 'one more can't hurt' and then they were gone. We're sorry!"

A Fishful of Dollars (Main Episode) - 72

Mom and her three sons.

Mom, famous industrialist and owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, whose main product is Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil, wants to secure the anchovies for her own purposes. Anchovy oil could be used to permanently lubricate robots and therefore represent an enormous threat to Mom's business interests if the remaining anchovies were cloned. Mom uses Mom's Old Fashioned Video Friendly Surveillance Unit to spy on Fry and overhear the clue to his number.

Mom's sons Walt, Larry, and Igner conspire with Pamela Anderson's Head to steal Fry's ATM card and PIN (the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda), by tranquilizing him and making him wake up in an environment similar to the 20th century. They get Pamela Anderson to order a cheese pizza and a large soda, and Fry tells her the price. Now that they have his PIN they can bankrupt Fry. All of Fry's 20th century artifacts are repossessed, except the anchovies, which Fry had hidden in his sock.

A Fishful of Dollars (Main Episode) - 105

Anchovy Pizza.

Mom arrives at Planet Express and offers to buy the anchovies to help Fry recoup some of his losses. However, when Fry declares that he intends to eat the anchovies, she stops interfering and gently encourages him to consume all of them in order to destroy the threat to her business. Fry covers a pizza with the anchovies and shares them with the rest of the Planet Express employees. Everyone except Fry spits their pizza out in disgust. Fry claims that they are an acquired taste. When Zoidberg enters the room, he smells a 'heavenly stench' and immediately devours all the remaining anchovy-covered pizza and starts going crazy, screaming "MORE! MORE! MORE!!", while everyone tries to calm him down.

Ongoing Themes[]

Gadgets and Inventions[]

  • 31st Century advertisements are beamed straight via gamma radiation into people's brain as they sleep.

Fry & Leela[]

  • Of all the crew, Leela is perhaps the least impressed by Fry's wealth.
  • When Fry goes rather crazy with wealth, Leela is one of the only crewmembers who worry about him.
  • When she questions his life choices, Fry, all too easily, shuts Leela, and Bender, out of his life, slamming his door in her face.
    • Despite the rudeness, Leela continues to worry about Fry.
  • After being bankrupted, Fry dreams of Leela, and Bender. He soon realizes that he used them poorly, and is ashamed. He goes crawling back to them.
  • Fry realizes how important Leela, and Bender, are to him. It is clear though that he views Leela as a close friend.