Goofs Edit

  • Anchovies

    Left over anchovies.

    After Fry decorates the pizza with anchovies there are leftovers as seen in the picture to the right. It could be argued that Bender stole the anchovies for the value therefore allowing Farnsworth to still be able to clone them.
  • It could be argued that Farnsworth could clone the anchovies, taking them out of extinction.
  • Bender has the sense of taste as shown when he eats an anchovy, but he loses it over the episodes leading up to the season 3 finale, "The 30% Iron Chef."
  • In one scene where the camera is panning over to Bender stuffing oil inside a sweater, a brown robot can be seen in the background. It just moves along with the camera until it goes faster than a robot should be to the side.
  • Amy claims that cows are extinct (this seems to be a recent development, as she has eaten cow). However, cows are seen or referred to multiple times in the series. It is unknown whether they were brought back from extinction, or if this was a true goof.