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  • Fry's PIN is 1077, or $10.77, the price of a cheese pizza and a soda in 1999.
  • The teacher in Fry's dream can later be seen on the escalator after Bender sprays the saleswoman.
  • Scruffy makes his first appearance in this episode, but he is giving Bender a massage instead of working as a janitor. However, this could be because he does not yet work at Planet Express.
  • The noises the robots make in the cold open sounds different in Ireland when it airs on TV6.
  • The $.93 that Fry had in the year 1999 in the bank with an interest of 2.25 percent, and over one thousand years is actually 4.3 billion dollars. 0.93×1.0225^1000=4,283,508,449.711329.


A Fistful of Dollars[]

The title is in reference to "A Fistful of Dollars" starring Clint Eastwood.

This is your brain on drugs" advertisements[]

Professor Farnsworth injects an egg until it explodes to explain to Fry the beaming of 30th century advertisements into people's brains; this references the "this is your brain on drugs" advertisements.


  • Alien Overlord and Taylor references the department store chain Lord and Taylor
  • Lightspeed briefs references Speedo.
  • Calvin Klone fragrance references the Calvin Klein line.
  • Other references: Ted Danson's skeleton, Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back, "Historic 20th Century Apartments" sign reading "With Original Asbestos", Rock'em Sock'em Robot toy, the fictional post-2000 AD "Baywatch: the Movie" "the first movie to be shot entirely in slow-motion."

It may/may not happen. Who knows whether it's good or bad?[]

  • In the year 2500, Visa may not exist and in the year 2400, American Express may not exist either.
  • The anchovies may be extinct in the year 2200 which makes it 800 years to the year 3000.
  • Fry ended up in his underwear in his nightmare because he only sleeps in his underwear.
  • As the crew are about to eat the anchovies, Fry says it’ll be the best extinct animal they ever had, yet Amy said she ate cow/beef.


  • When Fry reached out for an American Express card, the wallet was light brown instead of regular brown.
  • Sardines are seen in "The Deep South" where Hermes is preparing to use them as bait.
  • When Scruffy appears, he has a gray cap, and a brown mustache, even though he has gray hair.