• Fry's PIN is 1077, or $10.77, the price of a cheese pizza and a soda in 1999.
  • The teacher in Fry's dream can later be seen on the escalator after Bender sprays the saleswoman.
  • Scruffy makes his first appearance in this episode, but he is giving Bender a massage instead of working as a janitor. However, this could be because he does not yet work at Planet Express.
  • The noises the robots make in the cold open sounds different in Ireland when it airs on TV6.
  • The $.93 that Fry had in the year 1999 in the bank with an interest of 2.25 percent, and over one thousand years is actually 4.3 billion dollars. 0.93×1.0225^1000=4,283,508,449.711329.


A Fistful of DollarsEdit

The title is in reference to "A Fistful of Dollars" starring Clint Eastwood.

This is your brain on drugs" advertisementsEdit

Professor Farnsworth injects an egg until it explodes to explain to Fry the beaming of 30th century advertisements into people's brains; this references the "this is your brain on drugs" advertisements.


  • Alien Overlord and Taylor references the department store chain Lord and Taylor
  • Lightspeed briefs references Speedo.
  • Calvin Klone fragrance references the Calvin Klein line.
  • Other references: Ted Danson's skeleton, Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back, "Historic 20th Century Apartments" sign reading "With Original Asbestos", Rock'em Sock'em Robot toy, the fictional post-2000 AD "Baywatch: the Movie" "the first movie to be shot entirely in slow-motion."

It may/may not happen. Who knows whether it's good or bad?Edit

  • In the year 2500, Visa may not exist and in the year 2400, American Express may not exist either.
  • The anchovies may be extinct in the year 2200 which makes it 800 years to the year 3000.
  • Fry ended up in his underwear in his nightmare because he only sleeps in his underwear.


  • When Fry reached out for an American Express card, the wallet was light brown instead of regular brown.
  • Sardines are seen in "The Deep South" where Hermes is preparing to use them as bait.
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