Goofs Edit

  • Magnets, such as Bender's fake bow tie, have been shown to disable Bender's inhibition unit and cause him to sing folk songs at least once previously, and many times after A Flight to Remember, but Bender is clearly unaffected by the bow tie, and no explanation is given in the episode. However, on the audio commentary for "Bendless Love", a commentator stated that the only place the inhibition unit isn't disabled is on Bender's neck, which also explains how he put a magnetic beard on once to pose as Flexo.
  • While fleeing to the escape pod that the rest of the crew is in, a second escape pod can be seen farther down. Bender and Countess de la Roca could have used that one to escape; both of them would have survived.
  • While sliding under the door, Hermes asked Zoidberg to lower it another inch. In the shot after this, Amy doesn't have a nose.
  • Although Hermes insures that blackholes crush their victims and do not work as wormholes, the entire crew escapes Zapp by charging into wormhole/blackhole in the final movie.