Prof. Farnsworth: Thank God there're plenty of escape pods. We won't have to dress up like women and children.

Bender: At least I'll always have her bracelet. [to Hermes] What do you think it's worth?
Hermes: [after inspecting the bracelet] It's fake, man.
Bender: AAAHHH!

Zapp: Kif, I'm feeling the captain's itch.
Kif: I'll get the powder, sir.
Zapp: No, the itch for "adventure"! Prepare to change course.
Kif: Sir, this is a leisure cruise. Our path was set by the travel agency.

Fry: It's pretty romantic-- Uh, I mean, platonic. That sure is one platonic view!
Leela: Alright, hold on, Fry, I'm beginning to think this fake fiancé thing was a terrible, terrible-- [She turns and gasps, then grabs Fry and kisses him. Zapp is standing behind Leela.]
Zapp: Leela, perhaps this is an awkward time but if things don't work out with this pipsqueak here, [He puts his hand on her shoulder.] I just want you to know I'll be there to score you on the rebound.

Leela: Oh, my god! We're heading straight into a black hole!