Adlai Atkins
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Profession Phaser eye surgeon
Status Alive
First appearance The Cyber House Rules
Voiced by Tom Kenny
"Wow, look at me. Although I don't have the hang of blinking yet."
"You'll get it. Personally, I try not to blink too much because it seems flashy. But when I do, I enjoy it."
Adlai Atkins[source]

Adlai as a child

Adlai Atkins, also known as Dr. Atkins, is a former orphan who grew up with Turanga Leela at Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium. He became an eye phaser surgeon and started dating Leela after he performed a surgery to give her two eyes. He likes everything plain and normal. When Adlai and Leela decided to adopt a child, Leela picked a girl with an ear on her forehead. Adlai wanted to perform a surgery on her: this reminded Leela that she liked herself as she was without the operation and she dumped Adlai then had the surgery redone, much to Philip J. Fry's delight. When Bender Bending Rodríguez fires the Planetary Annihilator in a duel with Calculon in The Beast with a Billion Backs, Adlai could be seen inspecting a patient's pimple for pimple removal. The patient was subsequently annihilated, leaving only the pimple.

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