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Calculon, the main star of All My Circuits.

A popular soap opera in the universe of Futurama, it's most frequently seen being watched by the Planet Express Crew, particularly Fry and Bender. While most of the cast are robots, All My Circuits features many tropes commonly seen in soap operas, including but not limited to: amnesia, backstabbing, betrayal, blackmail, infidelity, and, of course, melodrama.

Main Characters[]

  • Calculon: The main star of the show.
  • Monique: Calculon's love interest (usually either his girlfriend, fiancé or wife), she's had numerous affairs behind Calculon's back, mostly with his half-brother, Boxy.
  • Human Friend: Calculon's best friend, he's one of the few non-robot characters on the show.
  • Boxy: Calculon's evil half-brother.
  • Antonio Calculon Jr.: The son of Calculon and Monique, Antonio was supposed to reveal that Calculon was not his actual father. However, the acting unit playing him malfunctioned and his replacement decided to go an alternate route.
  • Bender: Before stepping down from the role due to pressure from groups like F.A.R.T., Bender Bending Rodríguez became a sensation on the show after replacing the malfunctioning Antonio Calculon and taking the role in a new direction. Much like the Bender in real life, "Bender", as Antonio asked to be called, was known for his hard partying, drinking, smoking, and a less-than-ethical worldview.

Known Episodes[]

This is a list of all known episodes from All My Circuits, their titles are based on conjecture.

The Proposal[]

Calculon proposes to Monique while the pair sit in a garden. The ring surprises Monique because it's metric, but Calculon confesses that he has always known. From the cover of nearby bushes, Boxy secretly watches them making out.

The scene switches to their Human Friend sitting on a desk, laughing as Calculon enters. The Human Friend is surprised because he had thought Calculon was in a coma, but Calculon says that is what he had wanted him to think "with his soft pitiful human brain".[1]

Calculon's Wedding and Funeral[]

At Calculon and Monique's wedding, Boxy stops the ceremony with an interrupted objection. Calculon reveals, and then reiterates, a terrible secret from his past (although the shocking secret isn't shown in "I, Roommate", he does address Boxy as his half-brother).

Later in the episode, at a funeral, Preacherbot mourns the death of Calculon, when Calculon interrupts the speech to ask if he can give the eulogy himself.[1]

Human Friend in Hospital[]

In the hospital, Human Friend apologizes for treating Calculon badly over an argument they previously had. Calculon accepts the apology and points out his friend is "only human".[1]

The Half-Brother[]

Calculon walks in on Monique and Boxy in bed together. Calculon exclaims "You may be my evil half-brother, but there's no law against murdering the other half."[2]

Calculon at the Doctors[]

While in the hospital, Calculon asks his doctor what has happened. Honoring Calculon's request not to sugar-coat anything, the doctor reveals that a plane piloted by his fiancé crashed, killing his entire family and destroying their uninsured home. Finally, Calculon is diagnosed with inoperable cancer.[3]

Note that at some point between The Half-Brother and Calculon at the Doctors, Calculon must have divorced Monique and become engaged to someone else.


(A series of flashbacks from earlier episodes) Explaining how he forgot how to be a good son, Antonio Calculon reveals to his father (Calculon) that he has amnesia.

Monique reveals she thought Calculon was Egyptian.

In a yacht, Monique has a laser gun leveled at Antonio and demands he say her name before she kills him, because she has amnesia and cannot consequently remember.

Calculon addresses a room with Monique, Antonio, and Human Friend, asking whether anyone did not have amnesia and no one can remember.

[In the actual episode]

"Welcome, swingers. Pull up a groove and get fabulous."

Calculon welcomes guests to his birthday party and shows Monique a nude rock band, along with big piles of "talcum powder".[4]

Monique's Secret[]

Antonio interrupts his parents while they bathe in pink champagne, by parachuting into the room and threatens to reveal a shocking secret Monique has kept from Calculon for two centuries that might trigger a bout of "explosive amnesia".

(At this point, the acting unit portraying Antonio malfunctions and the show goes off-air, until a new actor can be found to replace him. The writers intend to have Antonio reveal that Calculon wasn't his real father and that he was fleeing to join robo-banditos in Veracruz, but the new actor prompts a re-write to fit his acting abilities. The new script has Antonio slipping into a permanent coma after an accident involving a wildebeest.)

As Calculon morns his son's fate, Antonio suddenly wakes up, begins to dance, smoke, and drink, saying they can nowcall him Bender.[4]

Bender Arc (multiple episodes)[]

"Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?"

Over the course of several episodes, Bender becomes the star of the show.

At the Human Friend's wedding, Bender takes the place of the bride and ruins the ceremony. Calculon and Monique on several occasions have a date interrupted by Bender either by his overturning their table or simply by being in the room.

Boxy and an unknown fembot are in hospital beds. Calculon pronounces them husband and wife with six months to live.

Bender makes a speech to the audience about raising children and content on television.[4]

The Blackmailer[]

"Whoever the blackmailer is, he lives behind this hideous yet strangely familiar door."

After a humiliating tennis tournament, Calculon decides to confront an individual who has been blackmailing him by going to his home, only to find out that it's his own home and he has a fourth personality, which has been cheating with Monique without the knowledge of his other three personalities.[5]


  • The title is a reference to All My Children, a soap opera that ran from January 5th of 1970 to September 2nd of 2013.
  • It's seen briefly on an episode of Rick and Morty, as Rick changes channels on the TV.


The Infosphere was used as a reference in the overall compiling of episodes listed as well.