All My Circuits: The Movie is a movie for All My Circuits. It was seen in Raging Bender and That's Lobstertainment!, the film is Rated M-14 (A Parody of the PG-13 rating)

Plot Edit

Act I: "I have no choice but to do what was just said!" Edit

Calculon was at work and Monique is screaming in his phone. He has no choice but to go.

Act II: "If you wanna see Monique or whoever, visit me! HAHAHA! Signed, SOMEBODY! Edit

Calculon goes to the scene and finds a note.

Act III: "NEED-- OIL--- ADE!" Edit

Calculon runs low on fuel.

Act IV: "Human Friend, HELP!" Edit

Calculon almost dies fighting a GIANT ROBOT.

Act V: "Nobody can be more STUPIDER than you!" Edit

Calculon fights five people. Calculon kills a man and they go home.

Act VI: Collect Call From: "I don't think it's nice to give a name to a machine!" Edit

Calculon forgets to set up the 200th anniversary. So he hires a boat-man to set up a cruise.

Act VII: "Before I kill you:" Edit

Calculon and Monique and Antonio go on a cruise. Antonio finds out the truth while Monique plays poker. Monique finds out and goes out to kill him.

Act VIII: "The Secret IS--" Edit

Antonio brakes through the glass while Calculon and Monique are bathing in Champaigne. Monique blocks his memory and kills him so Antonio cannot reveal the secret.

Act IX: "WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????" Edit

Calculon bursts in anger about his son.

Act X: "What is it?" Edit

Calculon and Monique stop bathing in champagne and fight.

Act XI: The Big Famous Fight Scene Edit

Calculon fights Monique after finding out the secret.

Act XII: The Big Antonio Edit

Calculon divorces Monique and gives Antonio a king funeral.

Act XIII: Another Song Edit

Calculon makes a song for Antonio's death. But he comes back to life so Calculon remarries Monique!

Act XV: "Now it's time for my song!" Edit

Antonio breaks out a song, but he's cut off by the credits!