Quotes Edit

  • Bender: (gasp) Oh....Your....God.

  • Amy: This women-only planet is sounding better and better.
  • Leela: I'm already looking for apartments. (She reads a "Westside Cave Rentals" brochure.)

  • Zapp: (laughing) Oh, God, you're killin' me. [Zapp is violently clubbed by several Amazonians] Oh, God, you're killing me!

  • Fry: I never thought I would die this way, but I kinda always hoped.

  • Leela: Femputer, be reasonable. Sure men are annoying and they wreck up whatever planet they're in charge of, but most of these men are sorta my friends. They don't deserve to die.
  • Femputer: Hmm. Perhaps men are not as evil as Femputer thinks.
  • Thog: But they make fun women's basketball.
  • Femputer: What? Did you explain how the women's good fundamentals make up for their inability to dunk?
  • Ornik: Yes. They still laugh.
  • Femputer: The men must die.
  • Bender: Too true, Femputer. You're so wise. Kill 'em all, I say. Good riddance! Did I mention I'm not a man? I'm a manBOT. It's an understandable mistake. You can let me down now, thanks.
  • Kug: He big jerk like man.
  • Bender: I sure am. But check the crotch. [He bangs it.] Nothing.

  • Zapp: [to Kif, who is horrified by the idea of dying by snu-snu] What are you, gay?

  • Zapp [to the Amazonians while exhausted from Snu-Snu] We need rest ! The spirit is willing but the flesh is too spongy and bruised.
  • Ornik [to fry over his protests of resting] It time Snu Snu !
  • Fry [[Attempting to bargain with Ornik] Can't we just cuddle? [Ornik drags Fry back into the Snu-Snu] Noooo!
  • Zapp [While being dragged back in chamber by Kug] **Groaning**