The Amazonians are a race of gigantic, female humanoids from the Planet Amazonia. They all worship the Femputer. When the Planet Express crew visits Amazonia, The Femputer sentences the men to death by "snu-snu", which is the Amazonian term for sexual intercourse. Many men have suffered crushed pelvises from "snu-snu". The men in the Amazonian society died out many years before the Planet Express crew landed, but the female Amazonians seem to be fine without men in their society, considering that men don't appear to come often to the planet yet their society is quite large and diverse in appearance.

Futurama - SE2-EP11 (1)

A Amazonian can intimidate robots like Bender.

The Amazonians use the act of "snu-snu" on men regardless of whether or not the male consents to participation and actually as a stated form of institutionalized punishment. The males are almost always depicted as not consenting, or at the very most they are depicted as being torn between wanting sex and not wanting to be horribly killed by the much larger and stronger Amazonians and "snu-snu" is therefore explicitly and unequivocally depicted as, but never described as, rape.

This concept of "snu-snu" being an obvious and institutionalized form of rape is never addressed in any of the Futurama story-lines: it is apparently considered acceptable since the males all have a stereotypical affinity for sexual intercourse. Many men have suffered crushed pelvises and other injuries and end up being, quite literally, raped to death by the gigantic Amazonians. Although those who have survived it appeared to have enjoyed it despite needing pelvic casts.

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