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The Amphibiosans are humanoid creatures who are smaller and lankier than the average human. They resemble Terran amphibians, with whom they share several traits.


Even though they have different genders, they don't reproduce like Humans. When they feel a strong love for someone, they go into reproduction stage. If they are touched while in their reproduction stage, they will get pregnant. Their Smizmar is the one who inspires the reproduction stage even if the one who gives their genetic material is not that person. This reproduction stage is usually why many Amphibiosians do not know what sex is and it is also why Kif wears gloves all the time.

Life Cycle

Amphibiosans have a long life cycle. They have a large number of offspring who have to fend for themselves for many years until they grow legs. They have to make it into the lake without being eaten. After this stage, they are humanoid figures, like Kif. Their last stage is a hookworm stage in which they are a swarm of hookworms.


  • Bodies possess elastic qualities.
  • May inflate certain appendages by channeling air into said appendage.
  • Have no bones: but are instead supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders.
  • Camouflage reflex that is triggered by shock or surprise.
  • Able to stick to walls and ceilings.
  • Are very flexible.
  • Can shed skins.
  • Are able to continue suffering for up to 6 hours after death.
  • They are able to turn themselves into puddles, which is called yakking.
  • Have very incredible fighting skills.
  • Can inflate their heads to scare off predators.


  • They seem to wear their underwear under their skin.
  • They also seem to get stomachaches when they are crying.