"Hi Animatronio!"

Animatronio was created by Leonardo da Vinci, as an artist model while that great thinker lived on Earth. When Leonardo returned to his Planet (Vinci), he left behind Animatronio to guide the secret shadow group of intellectuals that would follow. In the mean time, he spoke with Pope John the Patient (who died while waiting for Animatronio to return) and took the place of Saint James, whom Leonardo replaced in his famous painting The Last Supper, leaving Animatronio's legs exposed to serve as hints.


Animatronio has a tendency to reveal details that he should not when talking with someone and often attempts to throw them off the trail he started them on by feigning death.


The gears and body of Animatronio were constructed of wood, which have held up surprisingly well over the long centuries since he was constructed. Animatronio was also built mysteriously with a robot cod piece as Bender points out upon his death. He is powered not by the modern alcohol-powered powercell, but by a mouse running on a wheel.


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