The Anti-Backwards Crystal is one of two crystals accidentally created by Hubert J. Farnsworth. When Hubert misplaced the crystal under the walrus tank, it became the "D12" die for Cubert J. Farnsworth, Dwight Conrad, and their friends playing Dungeons & Dragons. Mom's sons, (Walt, Larry and Igner), attempted to steal the crystal to avoid it and the other crystal joining, which would make dark matter unusable as fuel. Hubert eats it and hugs his son Igner, who had eaten the other crystal. The Anti-Backwards Crystal explodes, making all dark matter worthless.


  • The Anti-Backwards Crystal is a geometric solid known as a regular Dodecahedron (twelve faces, twenty vertices, thirty edges). The other crystal is a regular Icosahedron (twenty faces, twelve vertices, thirty edges). The Dodecahedron and Icosahedron are mathematical duals; each face of one corresponds to a vertex of the other.

the crystal in bender's imaginationEdit

after bender try's to play dungeons and dragons he gets an imagination (robot's in the futurama universe is not normally supposed to have an imagination) they all fall into benders imagination as it was a parralel universe and the crystal appears as a d12 with effects where only three of them is introduced.

  • number 3 growth
  • number 7 banish foes
  • number12 mirror mania


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