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"Robot Hell is quite real. Here's our brochure."
"Stop that!"
Beelzebot, complaining to Bender

The Beelzebot, commonly referred to as the Robot Devil, is one of the recurring antagonists in Futurama. He seems to resemble the Devil/Satan/Lucifer of many Earth religions. He lives in Robot Hell along with many other sinners. He is talented at playing the fiddle, therefore, he owns a golden one (presumably a reference to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," which mentions both a golden fiddle and the Devil). He lives in New Jersey and runs Robot Hell in an abandoned amusement park called Reckless Ted's Funland, which Fry remembers from his original century (according to him, the place was forced to shut down after a bunch of people got salmonella from the flume ride). The Fun House located inside the park houses Robot Hell, accessible via slide by pressing the symbol of Robotology (demonstrated by Fry).[1]

When Bender broke his promise to Robotology under the influence of Fry and Leela, Beelzebot kidnapped him and took Bender to Robot Hell. However, Fry and Leela were able to save him.

The Beelzebot swapped hands with Fry so that Fry could become better at playing the holophonor. He also seems to be able to summon flames and has a bit of talent with illusions demonstrated at the opera with Richard M. Nixon's Head and he supposedly engulfed in the flames. He is a bit into the theatrical, bursting into song when possible and has a bit of talent for it judging from his brief performance at the opera.[2]

As head of the League of Robots, Bender sold the soul of his firstborn to Beelzebot in exchange for an Army of the Damned, something Beelzebot claimed was cold-blooded even by "his" standards. (Arguments pursue whether or not that was his actual son, due his surprise and confusion in "The Bots and the Bees" because of him not knowing the facts of life.) His hands are very well coordinated.


He can swap his hands with any human very fast and the human doesn't feel any pain. His arms, legs, upper and lower torso resemble Bender's body parts very much though his fingers are pointed and his feet are two-toed (much like the cloven hooves of the Christian devil) rather than Bender's semi-sphere feet. The Robot devil has backup bodies in case he dies and goes to Robot Hell.


He also has a bit of flamboyancy in his speech and movements, easily angered by being mocked. He is a bit hypocritical, once confronting Fry about his opera characters "lacking subtlety" and "announcing how they feel" by saying "That makes me feel angry!"

He exhibits traits similar to traditional depictions of devils, such as making deals with a catch. He rarely lies, but frequently leaves out the entire truth, such as when he says that he would give Fry the hands of a random robot he had probably never met, but the wheel he spins to almost lands on Bender's name.

Despite his evil nature, he considers Bender to be even worse than he is after seeing some of the latter's acts and saying there are no robots eviler than him. (However, this could be false, due to the fact that he resembles the Christian devil, known as Satan, who is frequently depicted as tricking others into doing bad deeds.)



The Beelzebot has a small musical band who play the Robot Hell Theme Song. The group plays at the wedding of Lars Fillmore and Leela,[3] and apparently seem to be able to appear whenever Beelzebot spontaneously breaks into song.






  • Beelzebot is the only robot in the show with a movable jaw.