Bella is the youngest daughter of the Donbot and Fanny who first appears at her sister's wedding, she later has an affair with Bender and has sex with him in the Donbot's Sea Horse stables where they both witness Calculon being attacked by Francis X. Clampazzo ("Clamps"). She warned Bender about the Donbot hating witnesses, people who mess around with his daughters, and people who steal their meatball recipe. However Bender testifies in court against the Robot Mafia anyway after the promise of a reward. She later appears in court where she asks Bender which wedding cake he prefers, assuring her father that Bender is the witness. Her last appearance in that episode is where she mistakenly thinks Billy West is Bender and then shoots and kills him because she believes that he was cheating on her with the Crushinator. Bella gave up her singing career to marry Bender, a cancelled plan.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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