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""Hail, hail, Robonia - a land I didn't make up.""
Bender, singing

"Bend Her" is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 of Futurama.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


The Planet Express Crew are attending the 3004 Summer Olympics (which are being held in Madison Cube Garden in New New York), where Hermes is going to be competing the Men's 500m Limbo -- after the torch is lit and the gang watches the Parade of Nations, they go to check on Hermes.

This isn't the first time Hermes has competed at the Olympics for limbo -- in fact, he was once an Olympic-class limboer, but at this point, it's been at least twenty years since the last time he competed at the Olympics and, as LaBarbara (Hermes' wife) points, Hermes isn't actually in the best shape. Hermes and LaBarbara then explain to the rest of the gang that pretty much the only reason Hermes is competing in the current Olympic Games is because the current Jamaican team was detained at the airport due to (implied but not confirmed) marijuana possession, and Hermes was the best/closest substitute they could find on short notice. In order to help Hermes in the competition, Professor Farnsworth gives him an invention he created called the "Flabo Dynamic Suit," to help him cheat. Barbados Slim, Hermes' rival and LaBarbara's ex-husband is also competing and Hermes has never won against him. Hermes starts off the race well with a lot of cheating, but as he nears the last pole, the suit gives way and the pole is knocked off, disqualifying him. Meanwhile, Bender, watching the bending competitions, believes himself to be a shoo-in until he sees some of his fellow competitors. He decides to disguise himself as a fembot named Coilette, in order to cheat in the robot-division of the Olympics.

Bender wins five gold medals for the fictional country of Robonia, but it is revealed that the winners will have their oil tested to confirm that they are actually fembots. He begs the Professor to make a woman out of him, so he undergoes a gender-reassignment operation to replace his testosteroil with fembot lubricants to deceive the judges. Though the Professor warns that he may suffer wild mood swings and runs the risk of becoming a fembot permanently, he decides to go through it anyway. Leela and Amy protest, claiming Bender will harm the dignity of women everywhere. The Professor defends that he's doing this "for the proud people of Robonia." Bender then goes under the gender-reassignment procedure and emerges as Coilette, passes the test and gets to keep his medals. The Professor tells Coilette that she needs to change back because the Femzoil is getting into her processor, but then Coilette's invited to appear on the show Late night with Humorbot 5.0. While on the show, Coilette strikes up a relationship with Calculon and the two arrange to meet for dinner that night.

Coilette gets ready for her date, over the protests of the crew. Philip J. Fry I is grossed out that his best friend is dating a man and Amy and Leela are upset and embarrassed that Coilette's acting like a tramp. After feeling attacked by the crew, Coilette runs out and the Professor shares the fact that Coilette's having mood swings and needs the oil change operation soon, or else she'll stay in her current forever.

Coilette and Calculon dine at Elzar's Fine Cuisine. Calculon says that he wishes to spend some quality time with Coilette. Coilette's initially aghast at this, until Calculon mentions he happens to own the world's largest yacht. Coilette accepts and the two spend days together. Bender returns to the Planet Express Building, showing the crew the gifts Calculon showered Bender with, a vase of puppies amongst them. After a brief exchange between Leela, Amy and Bender, Calculon appears with Boxy and proposes to Coilette, which sheaccepts.

Fry tells Bender how much he'll miss him and that he has always felt like a brother, then a sister, to him. However, Bender states that he plans to use the marriage to scam Calculon for half his fortune. Leela disapproves, but Coilette's s dismissive of her concerns. Coilette and Calculon go on a date in a hot-air balloon, where Calculon presents her with the remote control to his heart and offers to give up acting for her, as he truly loves her. Coilette begins to weep.

Back at Planet Express, we see Coilette weeping over her situation -- she admits that while she's not actually in love with Calculon, she's grown to care enough about him to not want to risk hurting/humiliating him. Upon hearing this, Farnsworth points out that Coilette's coming to the final stages of womanhood and the effects will become irreversible soon. Leela offers to help, but on condition that Coilette go back to being Bender and stay a manbot forever. Once Coilette agrees to this, Leela tells her and the others that there's no way they can go through with this without hurting Calculon in some way, since Calculon's an actor, he's used to stuff like "soap opera pain," so they decide to stage Coilette's death like how it would be played out on a show like All My Circuits.

We cut to the wedding, the crew wearing a variety of costumes. As the ceremony begins, Coilette faints, causing Calculon to call for a doctor. Zoidberg appears slightly ahead of cue, diagnosing a case of African Hydraulic Fever, an often-fatal disease caught in the Diamond Mines of Africa. It turns out that Coilette has stolen diamonds from the greedy 'Diamanda' (Leela) and her lover 'Congo Jack' (Fry), to return them to their rightful owners, the natives. 'Diamanda' kicks Coilette to the ground and the enraged 'Congo Jack' hurls a spear at her. It misses, so Coilette fakes deadly impalement on the spear and Calculon swears to honor her memory with a film.

Sometime later, at the Planet Express building, Calculon's movie, called Coilette, a Calculon Story is on the television. The Professor, in the process of turning Coilette back into Bender, tells them to turn the TV off. One mistake now and Bender will be trapped between genders. As Coilette's about to say something heartwarming about Calculon, their antenna pops back up, returning to Coilette back to their original form as Bender, causing him to exclaim that he and Calculon could run to Vegas, pick up some fembots and void their warranties all night long. As they continue watching the movie, the rest of the male characters leave, complaining about how Calculon is too emotional towards actor Coilette: Bender looks back with tear-filled eyes. Leela and Amy turn, surprised, and question him. Bender replies that they don't dress trampy enough.

Ongoing Themes[]

  • Trangenderism
    • Bender (a manbot) decides to become a Fembot -- it's not because he feels that he's a woman trapped inside of a man's body, but because he wants to win a bunch of gold medals in the fembot-division of the Olympics.
    • Bender's gender reassignment is met with disgust, especially by Fry who explicitly refers to it as being "sick" and "wrong".
    • Bender using his new female identity to enter the Women's Robot Olympics and win is repeating commonly held talking points about trans-women have unfair advantages, ignoring the natural variation and the effects of hormone replacement therapy.
    • Leela and Amy get mad at Bender for joining their gender and they yell at him to de-transition, which he eventually does.
  • Sexism
    • The women's Olympics are much easier than the men's and Bender is able to win easily.
    • Bender experiences wild mood swings during his time as a woman.
    • Bender makes several sexist assertions while masquerading as Coilette, claiming that "men are so much better at being women".


  • Bender poses as a Fembot Olympic athlete named Coilette.
  • Bender undergoes a gender-reassignment operation, becoming Coilette.
  • Zoidberg, Hermes, Fry and Leela participate in a hastily fabricated skit, at Calculon and Coilette's wedding, to gracefully end the relationship.

Injury, Dismemberment[]

  • Farnsworth repeatedly pounds Bender with a sledgehammer as part of a gender-reassignment surgery.
  • Farnsworth cuts off Bender's antenna as part of a gender-reassignment surgery.
  • The gender testing Robot Olympics officials' jaws fall off upon seeing Bender as the shapely Coilette.
  • Leela slaps Farnsworth in the face.
  • Numerous robots are injured while Calculon dances with Coilette.
  • Calculon hurls Boxy out of a hot air balloon at altitude.
  • Leela kicks Coilette in the face.
  • Congo Jack "kills" Coilette.
  • As part of a gender-reassignment surgery, Farnsworth hurts Bender in some unspecified way using a hammer and screwdriver.