• The title of the episode is a reference to the 1926 film and 1959 remake Ben-Hur. It is also a reference to Bender's name and the act of "gender bending". In the Futurama season 4 DVD audio commentary, producer David X. Cohen claims the episode title is a "triple joke".
  • In the future the Olympics have redesigned it's flag, removing the color black while adding new colors purple, orange, and pink. The colors on the Olympics flag are meant to include at least 1 color from each competing country, while the number of rings was originally meant to represent the number of competing continents.
  • Femmzoil is a portmanteau of the word "female" and "Pennzoil", the name of an American oil company.
  • Hermes mentions that the Jamaican team got detained at the airport due to their "other interests"; one of many allusions to the stereotype of Jamaicans' extensive marijuana use.
  • Humorbot 5.0 (last seen on "That's Lobstertainment!" as a stand-up comic) now has his own talk show.
  • Bender's use of the phrase "stick a potato in his tailpipe" may be a reference to Calculon's former status as a were-car, a robotic creature whose weaknesses include a silver potato shoved in its exhaust pipe.
  • The song playing during the dating montage is "She's A Lady", written by Paul Anka and performed by Tom Jones, released in 1971.
  • During the wedding skit, several common Soap Opera tropes are used such as the surprise appearance, the far-fetched plot, organ music, and the botched wedding.
  • Near the end of the episode, the Professor shouts "Turn off that crap-o-rama!", a possible reference to the show itself.
  • Numerous times, Bender as "Coilette" takes off her shirt to reveal a sports bra and whips the shirt around her head, as Brandi Chastain did after winning a goal in the Women's World Cup in 1999.