Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • Bender says he's finally going to meet Elzar - but he's met him already, in "A Clone Of My Own".
  • The glasses of "oil-ade" on Tinny Tim's stand change position and refill after Bender drinks.
  • The ship's wheel is usually a "w"-shaped configuration, in this episode it is round.
  • When Leela removes her eye patch at the end of the episode, the Planet Express ship is shown intact in its berth, but at the opening of the scene, it was crashed into the building because Leela was driving while wearing the patch.
  • The career chip is not needed to join the police - in several episodes (including this one) it is shown that you can simply apply for the job, as Smitty mentions that he "became" a cop.
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