Trivia Edit

  • This episode's theme song is performed in a beat-box style by Billy West and John DiMaggio.
  • When Emotitron, Jr.'s mother finds he has hanging wires in his chest and she exclaims "What's this? What did I tell you? No more hanging wires!" and beats him with said wires, it is a reference to the scene in Mommie Dearest, where Joan finds her adoptive daughter had used a wire hanger to hang her clothes, then she procedes to beat her with the hanger, shrieking "No wire hangers! EVER!"
  • The song that plays during the clip montage after the network accepts Bender is "T.V. Party" by the punk band Black Flag.
  • The song playing during the party after Cubert, Dwight, and Tinny Tim steal from Bender's Apartment is "Bust a Move" by Young MC.
  • During the auditions, there is a poster of a Zorro-like Decapodian. Though the actor's first name is obscured by the scenery, it may be Zoidberg's uncle Harold Zoid as the letters "Zoid" are not hidden.
  • Tinny Tin say "All for one, and one for all", a catchphrase from The Three Musketeers.
  • Bender reads in a robot magazine called Playbot, a reference to Playboy magazine.
  • Fathers Against Rude Television (F.A.R.T.) is most likely a parody of the Parents Television Council (PTC), a conservative television advocacy group that promotes family-friendly programming, and often pressures cable and broadcast TV networks to remove, reschedule, or re-rate programming that usually contains violence, sexuality, adult language, or other mature themes that the PTC deem family unfriendly, especially when said programming airs at peak hours. Shows commonly targeted with negative reviews by the PTC include Family Guy, American Dad!, and Sons of Anarchy.