"Remember Me!"
Bender Statue[source]

The Bender Statue is a giant statue of Bender that Bender himself forced many slaves to build. When it was built, it actually extended outside of the planet O'Cyris IV and had to be completed by people in space suits and jet packs. It breathed fire and shouted "Remember Me!".

Under the ground below it, there is a casino and a machine that dispenses an explosive liquid that robots drink. Bender was thrown in for telling his slaves to knock it down and build a new one in its place along with his two most loyal slaves, Fry and Leela

The statue was destroyed as Leela set fire to the explosive liquid in order to blow open a hole and get out. The statue let out one last "Remember Me!" before it crashed to the ground and broke up into pieces. Bender replied, "I will!", while crying.


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