Beth Jenkins
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 90
Planet Earth
Profession Mother of Michelle Jenkins and Ex-Mother-in-law of Charles Constantine
Relatives Daughter: Michelle Jenkins
Ex-Son-in-law:Charles Constantine
Status Deceased
First appearance The Cryonic Woman
Voiced by Julie Andrews
"My mother always said you were a loser, Fry. Now get out there and prove her wrong."
"Beth said that?"

Beth Jenkins is the mother of Michelle Jenkins. According to her daughter, she always said Philip J. Fry I was a loser. Philip I was saddened to hear Beth's opinion about himself when Michelle revealed it to him in Los Angeles. Philip I's response suggests they were close in some way.

After her daughter was born, Beth has made an agreement with Yancy Fry, Sr. and Mrs. Fry that her daughter will be betrothed to Philip I by the time they will reach into their adulthood.