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Bev (full name Beverages) is the former Planet Express soda machine. Her selection is comprised of Walrus Juice, Mountain Goo, Dr. Jitter, Slurm, Slurm Loco, Diet Slurm, and later Milk (for her soda robot babies).

In 3012, when Bev was introduced as the newest addition to the Planet Express crew, she and Bender had an immediate hatred for one another, after Bender, angered over her absence of alcohol in her assortment, insulted her frame. When Bender brought two robot skanks from The Hip Joint, Bev denies them service and splashes them with soda, ruining Bender's chances. A brawl ensues, where it is revealed that their constant bickering was revealed in part the result of repressed sexual tension, which only came to light to both of them while Bev attempted to crush Bender by repeatedly ramming him into a wall, which soon devolved into robot intercourse. This fling caused conception, with Bev giving birth to their son, Ben, the next day, dispensing him into Fry's cup of Slurm Loco.

Professor Farnsworth introducing the Beverage machine.

Though initially nurturing Ben full-time, she quickly became overwhelmed and stressed out by the challenges of raising a child, mainly because she despises Ben's delightful laughter, forcing custody of Ben over to Bender. She later leaves Planet Express and moves to a mobile home. On Ben's Bot-mitzvah, she returns to take her son, showing Bender's certificate of abandonment as proof that she technically still had legal guardianship over him. Bender sneaks into Bev's trailer park the next night and flees through the woods with Ben, but caught by police. Bender is about to be arrested when Bev gives birth to another baby, conceived in the short time while being interrogated by URL. With a new child to neglect, Bev gives up Ben to his father.



She was first seen in a character design by Countdown to Futurama.


  • She's first seen with a picture of two soda cups, which immediately turns to her original face.
  • She is no longer the soda machine for Planet Express, since she left and is now living in a trailer park.
  • In a podcast, Matt Groening states that, in terms of character design, Bev differs from his other characters in that, unlike the others, she, "isn't recognizable in silhouette." Matt Groening and David X. Cohen both state that while Bev was being designed, it was unsure whether she should be the type of vending machine that drops down a can, or the type that first drops a cup, and then pours the drink into it. They finally opted for the latter, as it would then be much easier for things to go wrong while operating it (Hence adding more humor to the show).
    • Yet, she places cups when the drink nozzle is still out.


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