The Big Bang was an event that marked the beginning of the universe in both the real universe and the Futurama universe/multiverse. The Nibblonians had come into existence seventeen years before this event took place. The Big Bang created the Nibblonians' greatest enemy, the Brain Spawn. All planets, stars and life with the exception of the Nibblonians came into being because of the Big Bang.

As Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Bender Bending Rodríguez, and Philip J. Fry discovered, the Big Bang actually occurs repeatedly, after the expiration of each successive universe. Reality itself is therefore cyclical and eternal.

Time and OriginEdit

Today science dates big bang to about 13,750,000,000 or between 13,640,000,000 and 13,860,000,000 BC. We don't know what happened before big bang, we get as near to big bang as possible with is Planck Epoch about 10 E-43 of second. Then math doesn't make any sense. That is because it was a what we call a singularity, today singularity is center of Black hole. Total amount of energy at point of Big Bang was about 10000 Vigitillions J.

Theory of Repeating UniversesEdit

What is used at Futurama is one of possible theories. Our universe is sepous to end in Big Rip or Dead by Cold as in Viking's end of world mythology. Here in Futurama universe fall back and make (made (again)) a Big Bang. We can also put theory of Big Crunch but time machine was saying 10 E50 and Big Crunch is put to time about 20,000,000,000 years from now. The resulting end of the universe would have been the Big Rip, where space becomes so massive that gravity can't overcome the space gaps or the Big Freeze, where everything in the universe reaches maximum possible entropy. Neither of these scenarios would be able to allow another Universe to be created.


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