"Mankind would sooner perish than kowtow to outrageous alien demands for this McNeal ... whoever he is. Am I right?"
Bill McNeal[source]

Bill McNeal was the President of Earth immediately prior to Richard Nixon. When the Omicronians invaded in 3000, he was ready to surrеnder to the invaders without a fight, until they said they wanted "McNeal". Though the Omicronians were actually referring to Jenny McNeal from the 20th century television show Single Female Lawyer, he ordered Zapp Brannigan to lead a defense of the Planet. Brannigan conscripted every available ship on Earth to fight back and though they succeed in destroying the Hubble Space Telescope, they are unable to stop the Omicronian mothership. When he announced to sacrifice the entire Earthican mankind to save himself, Zapp grabbed McNeal and gave him to the Omicronians, who vaporized him with a laser gun.

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  • President McNeal is a reference to the NewsRadio character of the same name, played by Phil Hartman.
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