This page is about the character from The Silence of the Clamps. For the actor, see Billy West.

Billy West was a father and husband who lived on the moon. The Planet Express Crew thought that he was Bender Bending Rodriguez because he looked identical, and Bender was relocated for the witness protection program. Billy was then nearly murdered by Clamps before being saved by John A. Zoidberg. However Billy was then murdered when Bella saw him with the Crushinator, because Bender had previously had relations with her, afterwards which the crew finds out that Bender was actually relocated at the Family Bros, a Pizzeria across the street from the Planet Express building. They also rejoice that Billy was an innocent robot whose death saved Bender.


  • Upon hearing his name, Philip J. Fry I makes fun of the name Billy West, calling it stupid and made up. This is ironic because the name is based off of Fry's own voice actor, whose name is Billy West.
  • It is unknown if he had a back-up unit to reboot and survive in.


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