The Bone Vampires is a species of alien creature from Doohan 6 and it gets its name from its way of feeding itself: by sucking the skeleton out of its victims.


In their homeworld, the Bone Vampires were hunted to near-extinction due to the threat they posed to livestock. By 3011, they were all extinct, with the exception of one egg that was hatched by Fry. When the Planet Express crew returned it to its homeworld, the populace feared for their livestock and set to hunt it down. When it is revealed that the people had excessive livestock to slaughter, they spared Mr. Peppy because he can bring back the entire species to help kill the extra livestock, plus the fact that the lack of bones make it easier to eat the meat, giving great economical benefits to the people who sold it.


The Bone Vampire appears as a large, rat-like monster whose color and height is variable, but the latter is roughly the same as that of a human adult. They also possess spikes on their backs and mouth.


Bone vampire hatching

The Bone Vampire are easily one of the most dangerous alien creatures in the Multiverse. They possessed sharp teeth and claws and are capable of sucking out the bones of any creature in seconds without leaving trace. They also possessed a high degree of strength, enough to rip off a bender unit's arm with accidental ease. However, their most dangerous ability is to secrete acidic fluids capable of melting even Bender's body (that is composed of extremely durable metals, including titanium and dolomite, the latter capable of withstand magmatic temperatures without trouble). It also reproduces asexually and according to professor, can lay up to dozens of eggs on good conditions.

On wild, they seems to be rather aggressive creatures, attacking anything ahead without provocation, but they can be easily domesticated if take care up from childhood, which is evident on Mr. Peppy, whose behavior is generally docile and friendly. However, they still pose substantial threat to their owners due to their acidic secretion and superhuman strength.


  • Given the fact that the species reproduces asexually (much like certain species of lizards), it can be assumed that the Bone Vampire is an all-female species.


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