"As Emperor I refuse to be dripped out through somebody's armpit."

Bont the Viscous was the long reigning Trisolian Emperor of Trisol.

History[edit | edit source]

Whilst innocently resting in the Royal Bottle, Bont was accidentally drunk by a thirsty Fry. The Trisolians, thinking Bont was dead, made Fry the new emperor, as was traditional. When the three suns of Trisol set, and the Trisolians entered their night phase, it became obvious Bont had survived inside Fry. His people decided to free him using the Juice-O-Mat 3000 which would kill Fry in the process. The rest of the Planet Express Crew managed "help" Fry cry out Bont, which was preferable to the alternative.

Not only has Bont become the first Trisolian Emperor to rule the planet twice, his reign is also unprecedented in the simple sense that he was able to hold the throne for 9 years. Having regained it in 3000, he was still alive to appear in the stands of the unveiling of Leo Wong's "Miniature" Golf Course nine years later, which in a society in which an Emperor's reign lasts a manner of weeks, is quite the accomplishment.

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