Boomsday! is the fifty-eighth issue of the Futurama series of comic books.


Professor Farnsworth builds two robot parents for Bender. His mother is Rosie from the Jetsons. They immediately start to discipline him, which everyone thinks is for the best.

Meanwhile, the Professor finds out someone robbed his Doomsday Device Room.

The next day Bender's new parents ground him for holding up a liquor store. And the Professor sets out to find the thief. He begins in the "bad part of town" with the Robot Mafia, who are innocent.

Meanwhile and meanwhen, after catching Bender and Fry trying to sneak out, Bender's parents decide Fry is bad influence and forbid Bender from seeing him. Farnsworth moves his investigation to the Oval Office and interrogates Nixon, who is innocent.

The next morning, Bender finds Fry in an owl's nest on the balcony. Bender's parents make him chose between them and Fry. Fry is kicked to the curb.

The Professor disguises himself as one of Mom's sons and sneaks into Mom-Corp. Mom is innocent, but reminds Farnsworth that he put tracking devices on all of his Doomsday Devices.

Leela flies the Professor deep into space, and they track the devices to an asteroid. There they find them in a cave stolen by the Professor's nemesis, Wernstrom, to impress a cashier at the University cafeteria, named Shirley.

Back on Earth, Bender misses Fry and finally stands up to his parents. Doing so completes their function and the deactivate leaving behind a "Certificate of Pride."

Back on the asteroid Professor Farnsworth tricks Wernstrom into deactivating the devices.

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