The Borax Kid is a rock alien and a probable inhabitant of Neutopia.  He is known to be a successful gambler.

In June 3011, he won fifty dollars in a bet he had made with the big rock alien, presumably about whether or not a group of Earthican people among which was the Planet Express crew would manage to work together while on their Planet. He went to Earth to return their genders to normal after the big rock alien messed them up, when the big rock alien was killed before being able to do so himself.

He later appeared in 3013 after he obtained Bender Bending Rodriguez's arms after they were pawned by the gang planet's inhabitants. Once Bender remarks that his right arm's name is "Gropie" and the left is called "Cheatie", his opponents angrily overturn the card table.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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