Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Actor (All My Circuits)
Relatives Calculon (Half-Brother)
Monique (Half-Sister-in-law)
Antonio Calculon, Jr. (Half-Nephew)
First appearance "I, Roommate"
Voiced by Synthesiser

Boxy is a box-like robot who communicates by beeping. He may be Calculon's friend in real life, as he has helped out Calculon on a couple of occasions.

All My Circuits Edit

On All My Circuits, Boxy is Calculon's evil half-brother. He once had an affair with Monique, Calculon's wife. He was also married by Calculon and was told he had six months to live.

Quotes Edit

Boxy: Beep.

Boxy: (falling) Beepbeepbeepbeep!

Appearances Edit