Buzz Aldrin
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 92
Planet Earth
Profession Formerly: Astronaut
Status Deceased
First appearance The Silence of the Clamps
Voiced by Himself
"Wow! i could've used an introduction like that when I first met the Moon men! But, seriously, there are Moon men."
Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.: January 20, 1930 - January 27, 2022) was an astronaut, a doctor, a mechanical engineer, as well as a pilot.

Biography Edit

In 1969, he became the second Human to walk on the Moon, where a town has his name. In 1988, he judged and presented the awards for the Nerd Search '88 Science Competition in Fry's school and according to Fry, ran over Fry's guinea pig in the parking lot.

Appearances Edit