Candy was a member of the Planet Express crew in 2961.

Even though she was the sole female of the crew, she is more the equivalent to Philip J. Fry I, as they are both named after comfort foods. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth described her as "the raunchy by-the-books navigator" in 3011. She was also the ex-girlfriend of Dr. Zoidberg.

In 2961, Candy was digested by a four-dimensional space whale along with the rest of the first crew. In 3011, however, the whale, piloted by Leela, set her free, having allowed her not to age a day, because, according to Professor Farnsworth, it "must have some kind of Möbius colon that endlessly recycles time and space".


  • She appears to have been in a romantic relationship with Dr. Zoidberg before disappearing. Even after returning 50 years later, she seemed to be interested in continuing it, something possible thanks to the Möbius colon and a long Decapodian lifespan.
  • She may be married to Zoidberg, as his wedding album is seen in one episode. However, that is most unlikely due to "Benderama" airing before "Mobius Dick"


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