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Carol Miller[1] (born January 30, 2880), better known as Mom, is the evil chief executive officer and shareholder of 99.7% of Momcorp, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the universe and the source of most of Earth's robots. She is also one of the main antagonists of the Futurama series.


As one of the richest people on Earth, she maintains her public image as a sweet, matronly figure through the use of things such as a fat-suit, a heart-shaped hairdo and putting on a facade which casts her as the friendly mother of all robots hiding her True Persona.

Mom’s true personality is best described as misanthropic, two-faced, pure greedy, sinister, cunning, narcissistic, foul-mouthed, intensely arrogant, harsh-tempered, megalomaniac, ruthless, scheming, cold-hearted, argumentative, cruel, witty, wrathful, callous, resourceful, neglectful, uncaring, sophisticated, evil, malevolent, resentful and above all a true sociopath.

Carol is not above using criminal or borderline criminal methods to accumulate greater profits. She has been known or suspected of using brutal business practices and covert action to eliminate threats from other companies or to keep potential products from the market. She is also obsessed with taking down Planet Express in order to create a monopoly out of it. However, due to the company's willingness to take suicide delivery mission to places where no one dares to go, even the employees of her delivery division, this plan never succeeds.

All robots produced by MomCorp have been equipped with a device that allows Carol to force them to do her bidding, although she appears to have used this only once on Mother's Day in 3003. She receives yearly Mother's Day gifts and cards from the robots, which she turns into hocus-pocus cures for cancer and orphanage-grade toilet paper respectively.


Carol Miller was briefly married to Ogden Wernstrom, with whom it is possible she had two sons, Walt and Larry. She then became romantically involved with Hubert J. Farnsworth while he was an employee at MomCorp and had an illicit affair with him. They separated after she turned his invention Q.T. McWhiskers into a weapon of war, but not before she became pregnant with her third son Igner (although neither Hubert nor Igner were aware of this until the events of Bender's Game).

At several points Carol has temporarily gotten back together with Professors Farnsworth and Wernstrom.



  • Mom's friendly robot company
  • Mom's friendly robot oil
  • Mom's friendly delivery company
  • Mom's friendly dark matter
  • Mom's eyephones
  • Mom's old fashioned video surveillance company