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"You can't just waltz into the Central Bureaucracy! It's a tangled web of red tape and regulations. I've never been, but a friend of mine went completely mad trying to find the washroom there."
Professor Farnsworth[source]

Established in 2159, the Central Bureaucracy is the main headquarters for Bureaucrats in the Futurama series. Located in New New York, there are massive queues outside waiting for people to say what they want to the Bureaucrats, some have been there for over a hundred years.

The Building

Inside the building is a massive maze of walls and floors. There are many bureaucratic employees inside. Slow-mobiles are available for employees to use to navagate the massive complex, though they are very slow. There are pneumatic tubes running around inside the building that caries paperwork to the Master In-Pile.

The Master In-Pile

The Master In-Pile is a room full of messages to be sorted and read, filed by thousands of people over several decades. Hermes Conrad sorted it out while singing and dancing in 3 minutes and 58 seconds, but was demoted for finishing with two seconds to spare.

Cubicle Room 729

This is a room with a large 9x9x9 cubicle cube in the centre which turns around (much like a rubik's cube) to allow entrance to various cubicles. Hermes Conrad maintains a cubicle here for weekend getaways.

Physical File Archive

A small room with a filing cabinet in the centre containing the files on Inspectors.

The Bureaucrats


The system for Bureaucrat Grades is a simple designation; the lower the bureaucratic grade, the higher the individual is placed in the rigid hierarchy of the Central Bureaucracy.

Known Employees


  • In "Lethal Inspection", the "B" is replaced with a McDonald's-like "M", rotated 90 degrees with a line on the left-hand side.
  • The entire organization is most likely a parody of unnecessary, stagnant, and overbearing bureaucracies, given the size of the headquarters and the behavior of bureaucrats within it.
  • It's unknown how the building survived the first destruction of Old New York, but this will be figured out soon.