Chris Zaxxar Travers is a senator from Hawaii who was a candidate for the Presidency of Earth in the 3012 election, after traveling back in time. Winning the election, he caused a time paradox (Because Nixon did not win the election, the robot uprising never happened and Travers was never sent back in time.) that prevented him from coming to the year 3012,

Biography Edit

Chris Travers was born on September 29, 3012 at Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital in Kenya. He grew up in a period of despair on Earth, when hunger and despair ravaged society. When the robot uprising took place, Travers was one of few humans who survived and took refuge underground. When he was 15, he was entrusted with mankind's last remaining suit and tie. He was sent back in time to stop the uprising from happening. He was raised by his grandparents and got into Harvard Law School, achieving straight A grades. He eventually became a community organizer and a Hawaiian senator before finally setting out to fulfill his true purpose: to defeat Richard Nixon's head in the Earth presidential election,3012 Earth presidential elections. Though his good-hearted views were shunned by the people and his campaign started to falter, Leela helped him reinvigorate his campaign. He was finally named a nominee, but was ravaged by accusations that he was not born on Earth. When Leela, Bender and Fry only did not find an Earth certificate in his file at Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital, Travers was forced to reveal his origins. Leela then planned to broadcast Travers' birth, set for the next day, on live television to counter allegations that he was not from Earth. With these accusations gone, Travers won the election. As he began to give his speech, however, he began to fade away. Since Nixon did not win the election, the robot uprising never happened and Travers was never sent back in time. All traces of Travers' campaign disappeared and Nixon was declared the winner of the election.


  • Travers has the same birthday as Futurama writer and director Patric M. Verrone, who wrote Decision 3012.
  • It is implied that Travers was sent back in time using the same Time Code located on Fry's rear in Bender's Big Score. However, the time code in question is meant to correct paradoxes, while Travers falls victim to the paradox. Whether this is an oversight by the writers or just meant to be a cheeky reference is unclear.
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