A Clone is a copy of another animal or plant. They are generally made using science to reproduce yourself by using your own DNA to create a replica of yourself.

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Cubert Farnsworth Edit

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Cubert Farnsworth was made by the Professor using his Clone-O-Mat. He used a growth on his back as DNA to clone him and as such, his birthday is known as Growth Scraping Day.

John Jackson and Jack Johnson Edit

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John Jackson and Jack Johnson are two people who look exactly alike and are probably the same age. Because of this, it is safe to think that they are clones of each other although the method of cloning is unknown. It may be possible that they are twins but not even twins can be that similar to each other.

Headless Clone of AgnewEdit

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When headless body of Agnew was alive he was Vice-President of Earth. He was accidentally killed by the Eco-feminist. In "Farewell to Arms" Nixon calls him Headless Clone of Agnew.

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