Coilette: A Calculon Story is a film staring Calculon, and based on a "true story" of Calculon's relationship with the fembot Coilette. To honour his own pain, he starred in a film dedicated to her memory.

What Calculon never knew was that in real life Coilette was merely the fembot alter ego of Bender after his gender reassignment surgery.


Calculon falls in love with a fembot named Coilette, and planned to marry her. At the wedding, Calculon learns that Coilette has African Hydraulic Fever. Shortly afterwards, a woman appears yelling at Coilette for interfering with diamond mining in Congo. The woman attacks Coilette, badly injuring her. She regains consciousness thanks to Calculon's dramatic "why?". Coilette is then fatally wounded by Congo Jack. Coilette reveals her love to Calculon before dying.

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