Colin Pac-Man[source]

Colin Pac-Man was a defender of Earth and enlists Philip J. Fry I to help save Earth from the Space Invaders. He leads the Planet Express crew through his maze avoiding the evil ghosts and out the other end to fight the Invaders. He ends up getting killed and Ms. Pac-Man, his wife, cries over his dead body.

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The Escape Tunnels

  • He is based on the Pac-Man character from the Namco video game of the same name and makes the same noises, even dying in the same way by folding in on himself.
  • The escape tunnels he takes the Planet Express crew through is the maze from his games.
  • The tube he goes down is the same as the Warp Pipe that Mario uses in his games.
  • It's possible that his first name is based on real life retired U.S. Army General Colin Powell.

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