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"Police Academy teaches you many things, but when the streets are flowin' with spit and blood, only one thing can save your life, and that's - err, syntax error, inline 10."
Former Officer Conor O'Bocop

Conor O'Bocop was a peace officer in the New New York Police Department. He was to make an appearance during the episode "Law and Oracle", but the scene was removed. It can only be viewed as a deleted scene.

As evidenced by both his name and accent, O'Bocop was Irish. Also, for an unknown reason, he was turned into a cyborg; he is part man and part robot. During his appearance, he was to deliver a speech to the latest police academy graduates, which included Philip J. Fry and Sound Effects 5000. Unfortunately, before he could reveal the only thing that can save an officer's life when the streets are "flowin' with spit and blood," he dies due to a syntax error. Chief O'Manahan orders two nearby officers to wheel him away, deliver his face to his widow, then dump the rest of his body.


  • Conor O'Bocop is a direct reference to Officer Alex James Murphy, who would later become RoboCop. Firstly, O'Bocop's surname is nearly identical to RoboCop, albeit with a few changes. Also, both O'Bocop and Murphy were Irish, and possibly both Catholics.
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