Conversation hearts

"These candies are chalky and unpleasant!"
" And what is this emotion you humans call "wuv"?"

Convesation hearts is a type of candy heart made by Romanticorp. They were offered to the Omicronians as a peace offering, delivered by the Planet Express crew, but they taste rather unpleasant. Apparently they have been made out of bone meal and earwig honey for centuries. The Omicronians were also confused by the word "wuv".

Later, the hearts were ejected into a quazar and they vaporized into a mysterious love radiation, destroying many planets, but Earth was able to see it and not be destroyed. Instead many citizens on Earth were able to enjoy the romantic rays and beautiful colors on Valentine's Day.

Description of Love Radiation[edit | edit source]

"As the candy hearts poured into the fiery quasar, a wondrous thing happened, why not. They vaporized into a mystical love radiation that spread across the universe, destroying many, many planets, including two gangster planets and a cowboy world. But one planet was at exactly the right distance to see the romantic rays, but not be destroyed by them: Earth. So all over the world, couples stood together in joy. And me, Zoidberg! And no one could have been happier unless it would have also been Valentine's Day. What? It was? Hooray!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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