"Oh, Bender! Either that was a computing error or you're the most romantic robot I've ever met!"
Countess de la Roca[source]

Countess de la Roca (born September 12, 2256 - September 26, 3000) was a rich Robot who was also a class three yacht. She went on the Titanic where she and Bender Bending Rodríguez fell in love. She was later sucked into a black hole along with the Titanic. She and Bender had a relationship. Bender got her bracelet just before she was sucked into the black hole only to find out it is a fake and worthless, just before he was about to cry.


  • Her name is likely linked to the name of the co-producer Claudia de la Roca or a real life passenger on the Titanic, the Countess of Rothes.
  • She weighed at least 2 metric tonnes (4409.25lbs)
  • She is based on Rose DeWitt Bukater from the film Titanic.
  • It is implied that she was presumably as hoarding and money hungry, if not as much of a wanton indulgent as Bender, being more successfully deceptive as to deceive her way into first class on the Titanic.


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