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"Oh, Bender! Either that was a computing error or you're the most romantic robot I've ever met!"
Countess de la Roca[source]

Countess de la Roca (September 12, 2256 - September 26, 3000) was a rich Robot who was also a class three yacht. She went on the Titanic where she and Bender fell in love. After a Black Hole began sucking the Titanic towards it, all of the passengers evacuated except for the Countess and Bender. At the very last second, the pair of them latched onto the last escape pod, which increased its weight, causing it to be dragged towards the black hole. The Countess sacrificed herself to save Bender and the rest of the Planet Express crew, leaving Bender with nothing but her seemingly expensive bracelet. Once inside the escape pod, Bender asked Hermes what the bracelet was worth. Hermes declared it to be fake, causing Bender to start sobbing.


  • Her name is likely linked to the name of the co-producer Claudia de la Roca or a real life passenger on the Titanic, the Countess of Rothes.
  • Unlike other robots, her pupils are round.
  • She weighed at least 2 metric tons (4409.25lbs).
  • She is based on Rose DeWitt Bukater from the film Titanic.
  • It is implied that she was presumably as hoarding and money hungry, if not as much of a wanton indulgent as Bender, being more successfully deceptive as to deceive her way into first class on the Titanic.
  • It's possible she survived as Into the Wild Green Yonder treats black holes like worm holes, which would have tossed her out of a different black hole.