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"A woman this fine needs to be romanced first"
Bender to Fry about the Crushinator[source]

The Crushinator is a minor character on Futurama. She is a robot who lived on the moon with her hydroponic farmer father and robot sisters. She is also a vehicle and can be driven similar to a car.[1] Bender later returned to the moon and she became pregnant with Junior. A year later, she became "Miss Earth's Moon" and competed in the Miss Universe Pageant. [2] As of 3011 she was married to Billy West, a bending unit, and had an unnamed daughter.

Although she lives on Earth's moon, she has been seen in several occasions on Earth.






  • She's made the most appearances of the farmer's three robot daughters.
  • Although a female, she has a deep, masculine voice.
  • It's possible she married Billy because of his resemblance to Bender, as in "The Series Has Landed" she tells her dad not to kill Bender as she loves him. She might not have realised Billy West is not Bender. Or the opposite may have been true and she was having relations with Billy when she met Bender.