Decapodian Emperor (until 3001)
Gender Male
Species Decapodian
Age 64
Planet Decapod 10
Profession Emperor of Decapod 10
Status Deceased
First appearance "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?"
Voiced by David Herman
"Listen, lady, as you can plainly see I'm a highly desirable male, groaning with jelly. Yet I embrace a life of celibacy in order to uphold our crazy traditions."
Decapodian Emperor[source]

The Decapodian Emperor (born February 6, 2937 - February 7, 3001) was the figure-head of the Decapodian civilization and traditionally presides over the ceremony of Claw-Plach. During the mating frenzy in 3001, he broke his vow of celibacy, and mated with Edna, and consequently died. Presumably, he has been replaced by someone from the next generation of Decapodians.

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