"Decision 3012" is the third episode of Production Season 7 and Season 9 broadcast. It premiered on June 27, 2012.


Decision 3012

Bender and Nixon plotting

It is the 3012 Presidential debate and everyone but Turanga Leela decides to vote for Nixon, who promises a fence around the solar system to keep away "illegal space aliens." Leela agrees with the views of one senator named Chris Z. Travers and becomes his campaign manager. Bender Bending Rodríguez and Nixon attempt to find embarrassing facts on Travers, as Nixon is losing ground in the campaign, but nothing arises except his middle name "Zaxxar", which Nixon then turns into the rumor that Travers was not born on Earth. Bender then throws a rally in front of Traver's campaign headquarters, demanding that Travers show his "Earth Certificate." Philip J. Fry I, Leela and Bender (Bender going with his political enemies to prove that crime knows no political boundaries) go the hospital that Travers admitted he was born in and find an Earth Certificate stating his mother was admitted that morning. Travers appears and tells the crew that he time-traveled back from a future where the fence Nixon builds did keep out aliens. An unforeseen side affect of this fence is that there is no longer a source of "cheap alien labor," specifically farm workers, math teachers and "the ones that do all the immunizations" (doctors). The economy fails and Nixon turns the "Silent Majority" into Soylent Majority, a take on Soylent Green. After the financial crash of the possible future, it is revealed that robots do all of the work. The robots rebel, led by Bender. Travis traveled back in time (by using the same code used in Bender's Big Score) to run against Nixon and prevent this future. In a bold move to secure the voter's confidence, his live birth is broadcast on national TV, in which Travers assists his mother to deliver himself. This pleases the patrotic Earthicans, who had agreed with Travers that "being born in front of them" would certainly prove that he was from Earth.

Travers wins the election. As he approaches the podium to give his victory speech, Amy turns and asks Bender why he is not upset at the result. Bender casually answers "watch this" as Travers begins to fade from existence. Bender explains that since Nixon lost, the future that produced Travers and the time-travel scheme no longer exists, therefore the Travers that won the election no longer exists. With no opposition, Nixon wins the election. As the crew ponder this strange turn of events, all the actions of the past few days gets erased. Leela struggles to remember the name of the person she has been working for, as Hermes mentions that they "never even left this building" in the Planet Express building.

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